Legal Marketing

Grow your business with Pre-Qualified leads :-

Ashley Howard has been established since 2012 and has years of experience in the Financial Claims and Legal Sector, generating 1000's of prequalified legal enquiries daily for a number of different legal sectors. 

Currently we generate cases in the following sectors :-

Mis-sold PCP Car Finance


Housing Disrepair

Tenancy Deposit

Mis-sold Business Energy

Contentious Probate

Mis-sold Pensions

Data Breach

We generate 100% of our enquires through our online strategies across multiple platforms.

Pay Per Lead

At Ashley Howard we work on a cost per lead basis and our clients only pay for prequalified leads, unlike many other lead generation businesses who offer a management fee model.Working this way, we shoulder all of the risk with media spend allowing our clients to work to a fixed cost and focus on converting the leads into high quality sales/cases.


We also offer a Hotkey model for some of our products, this is where we engage the leads inhouse in our office and pre-qualify the leads on the phone before transferring them over.

This way you only receive a lead when it looks like it is going to convert.

For more information about working with us please contact us on

Packaged Cases

We can provide fully packaged for some of our products. Please contact us for more information.

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