Free PPI Check

Most people don’t know if they had PPI, it’s one of the main reasons that the mis-selling of it has been such a large scandal. Lenders sold PPI on financial products such as loans, credit cards, mortgages, store cards and even car finance. Often, they wouldn’t check if it was something you could actually use or even tell you that you were paying for it in the first place.

We offer a no obligation, free PPI check, we will investigate all of your accounts to find if any had PPI on them. Once we locate PPI we will discuss how you want to continue and give you the option to utilise our expertise. A dedicated Claims Handler will manage your claims and be your point of contact with knowledge of all your cases through to the end.

Why make a Free PPI Check?

  • You may have been paying for something you couldn’t use or knew about and could be due a refund.
  • With the deadline announced you may miss your opportunity to recover money that’s rightfully yours.
  • Don’t lock yourself into a contract just to find out if you had PPI.
  • It’s free!

What’s involved?

A quick call with one of our specialist claims advisors to confirm your details and establish what we can help you with so that we can to set up your cases and send you our Welcome Pack. Then we just need you to sign and date the forms and return them to us in the pre-paid envelope and we can start investigating whether you had PPI. Once we locate PPI you’ll be allocated an expert Claims Handler who will be dedicated to all your cases with us. They will contact you to discuss how you want to continue your claim.

Call one of our specialists on 01625 408 700 or request a call back below to find out.

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  • Average PPI Claim¹£2,228.63
  • Average PBA Claim²£2,037.63