If you're looking to make a new PPI claim, unfortunately, the deadline has now passed. Therefore we are unable to take on PPI claims. 

However, if you think you've had PPI on a loan, credit card or mortgage we could look to claim back the commission that was apart of your PPI costs!
Don't worry if you don't know whether or not you had PPI, we can still conduct a free PPI check for you! 

You may be eligible for an Unfair Commissions claim if:

  • You think you've had PPI and never made a claim.
  • You received a partial refund on your PPI. 
  • You don't know if you have PPI.
How does it work?

  1. We will send an information request to your lender to establish whether or not you had PPI. 
  2. Find out how much of your PPI costs was going towards commission. 
  3. Seek redress for those commission costs.
To read more about Unfair Commissions go to our dedicated Unfair Commissions page. 
To make you claim please get in touch on 01625 524 187 or email info@ashley-howard.co.uk to talk to one of our expert advisers.


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  • Average Payday Loan Claim¹£1582.15
  • Average PBA Claim²£2,037.63