Packaged Bank Account Claims

Packaged Bank Accounts are accounts that come with extra benefits such as insurance and overdrafts in return for a monthly payment, they often went by names such as Lloyds Platinum, Ultimate reward Halifax and Barclays Additions. If you paid monthly for your bank account it’s likely that you had a PBA.

They weren’t all bad and were often very useful, however on occasion they were the opposite. You may not have been eligible to use the insurance and benefits that came with it, depending on your circumstances. There were even occasions where you wouldn’t have been made aware of those benefits at all and sold the account alongside a loan, credit card or mortgage to get better rates.

If you aren’t benefiting from your Packaged Bank Account we can help you get your money back, call one of our specialists on 01625 408 700 or request a call back below to start your claim.

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  • Average Payday Loan Claim¹£1582.15
  • Average PBA Claim²£2,037.63